Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The current devastation in Japan

What an incredibly sad tragedy Japan has been facing over the past few days. I would first like to send out my prayers and positive thoughts to those that are suffering as a consequence of the earthquakes and the tsunami in northern Japan. As if the strife from mother nature wasn't enough, now Japan is dealing with the consequences of the man-made problem that is the radiation coming from their various powerstations. There are somewhat conflicting reports between the domestic and international press regarding the significance and threat of the spent and impending nuclear powerplant explosions which is confusing, but sort of expected in this period of hastily gathered and interpreted information. I guess the healthiest thing to do is focus on the common denominators and to have patience as the news becomes more concrete and reliable.

In light of the massive problems Japan and her peoples are having, I would urge everyone to donate money to one or more of charaties such as The Red Cross, Hands On Tokyo, Save the Children or Global Giving (easy to pay by Paypal at https://www.paypal-donations.com/pp-charity/web.us/campaign.jsp?cid=-12). If everyone does their bit and sacrifices a bit of their wages, the cruel strain on Japan can be eased somewhat.

So for anyone in Japan that stumbles across this blog, I would just like to say 苦しい時にも、一所懸命頑張ってください。毎日、日本人の皆様のことをよくになるように願っています.


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