Wednesday, 22 February 2012

K&K is 1 year old!

I'm so bored, let's start a blog!
Oh, the waiting! >:(
Finally in Japan :D :D
Summer's humidity suffered
Summer Sonic enjoyed
Superior Fireworks
New animals and/or body parts eaten. Pork chin is awesome, snail is not so. 
School entered
Kids are ridiculous
Gotta love 'em
The spoils of Autumn admired and/or eaten
Festivals ahoy!
Onsen entered!
Green Zone 
Kappa spotted
She's finally home
Oh! So this is what Winter is supposed to be like?
Snowed on for the first time
Winter is a magical snowy wonderland
Novelty ends
215 days in
1064 students taught
But only 50-odd names remembered :( :( :(
Sakura yet to be seen
Graduation ceremony and staff transfers to come
Enjoying the ride so far

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  1. I liked the class pic and the uniforms ...

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    I wish you’d take a stab at it too, as impressions from current residents would be very special for me.

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