Tuesday, 24 May 2011

オーストラリアの芸術家と著名な文化の大使:ヨス・ヤィンディ Australia's artists and cultural ambassadors: Yothu Yindi


バンド・リーダーのマンダウイ・ユヌピングは、彼のバンドには2つのビジョンを持っています。一つ目は先住民とバランダの人々が互いに積極的に関係を促進すること、二つ目はヨルヌーの音楽やダンス、文化を世界へ伝えることです。ヨス・ヤィンディがすぐに、世界的な成功を博し, 彼らの2番目のアルバム、「部族の声」は、マルチプラチナのセールスを達成しました。彼らの一番ヒットシングル、「トリーティ」は、ボブホーク首相(当時)がオーストラリアの先住民とバランダ人々の間の条約に締結の約束の実行するのための嘆願として書かれました。これまでに、バンドは6枚のスタジオアルバムを発売し、世界ツアーを何度も行いました。バンドメンバーはヨス・ヤィンディ財団の活動的なメンバーであり、その目的はヨルヌーの文化を維持して、ヨルヌーの人々のため経済的な機会を奨励することです。彼らはオーストラリアの重要な文化の大使として活動を続けています。

Yothu Yindi is an Australian band that formed in 1986. The band consists of both aboriginal and 'balanda' (non-aboriginal) members. The aboriginal members come from the Yolngu tribe, whose people live in North-Eastern Arnhem land in the Northern Territory. The name of the band, Yothu Yindi means 'child and mother' and this represents the kinship that the yolngu clans have with each other. When the band first started touring, they were considered to be a very novel group because such a mixture of aboriginal music and dance with western style rock music had not been seen before.

The band's leader, Mandawuy Yunupingu, has two visions for his band. The first is to promote positive relations between the aborigines and the balanda peoples and the second is to present Yolngu music, dance and culture to the world. They quickly achieved worldwide success, and their second album, 'Tribal Voice' achieved multi-platinum sales. The hit single, 'Treaty' was written as a plea to (the then) Prime Minister Bob Hawke to fulfil a promise to sign a treaty between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Australians. Rarely has such a politically motivated song achieved so much success.

To date, the band has released 6 studio albums and toured the world many times. They are active members of the Yothu Yindi foundation, which has the purpose of maintaining the Yolngu culture and to encourage economic opportunities for the Yolngu people. They continue to be important cultural ambassadors for Australia.

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