Saturday, 2 April 2011

Introducing: Kanji by Kappa. Edition 1 導入している:カッパの漢字、第一。

Welcome to the first of my planned regular articles. As the name suggests, this section is all about Kappa introducing his favourite Kanji. Follow him as he introduces his tricks on how to memorise Kanji and Kanji words. Take it away, Kappa.
Greetings land-dwellers and welcome to my Kanji clinic.
Today's Kanji word is 恥ずかしい (Hazukashii; Ha-zoo-ka-shee). The English equivalents for this word are embarassed, ashamed and shy. In it's function of "embarrassed" I have a special mnemonic using the two ideographs in the Kanji.
First, on the left side of the Kanji, we have the radical representing 'ear' and 'hearing':
Secondly, on the right side we have the radical representing 'heart':

OK, so if you can imagine an embarassing situation, what can you HEAR your HEART doing? It is thumping really hard isn't it. So next time you see 恥ずかしい、think of the ear hearing the heart, and you will remember this with no problem.

Peruse my example sentence:

Purensenteeshon no aida ni, zubon ga totsuzen, ochichatta node honma ni hazukashii ni narimashita.
During the presentation, my pants suddenly dropped to the floor so I became very embarassed.

This concludes the first edition of Kanji with me, Kappa. I must get home now before Kangaroo eats all my cucumbers. Until next time, 又今度!

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