Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What is a dropbear? + Thanks for the feedback, logo has changed!

The logo is finalised! Shoutouts to Maru from Lang-8 for the onsen Koala idea, Yuki from Facebook who told me to make Kappa look less evil :P, and an honourable mention to Dan also from Facebook who said I should put in the fictional Drop Bear! I didn't think it was identifiable enough, and I ran out of room, but to make up for it I will let you dear readers know exactly what the Drop Bear is.

The "Drop Bear" is a fictional Australian animal that was created in order to amuse Australians and confuse and scare tourists (all in good fun, mate!) Though the animal is mostly described as a fierce Koala-like creature, an ad campaign run by Bundaberg Rum in recent times, sees a new, fun interpretation. In the ad there is a small group of female backpackers camping out in a tent. Just across the way, there is a group of Australian guys camping with the mascot for Bundaberg Rum, a giant Polar Bear (named the Bundy Bear). Now the group of guys scheme together on how to errrm, 'gain the company' of the ladies, and they end up warning them that they should be wary of Drop Bears. The backpackers are taken aback, asking what on earth a drop bear is and the men tell them that they are like big Koalas that live in trees and drop down on tents..and bite your head. Just as the girls are thinking, "hey this is a bit fishy", the Bundy Bear drops down on their tent, making the girls flee into the safety of the boys' camp. The Bundy Bear takes a quick "you owe me one" glance at the lads before they return to their site all smug looking with the knowledge that their scheme has worked.

You can check out the original advertisement here:

As always thanks for reading. またね~ Daniel :)


  1. Drop bears have been around long before the Bundy rum commercial came out - my first memory of Drop Bears on TV was in the Paul Hogan Show aired in the early 80's where he did a send up of Indiana Jones.

    But Drop Bears have been around long before that too - along with Hoop Snakes.

  2. Is that right? Haha, thanks so much for the information. I will have to update this post to reflect that then.

    Thanks for commenting,