Friday, 15 April 2011

Japanese Mini Lesson 1: How to use "Zuibun" / 随分の使い方

随分  /  ずいぶん  /  Zuibun

Zuibun is an adverb and na-adjective meaning very, extremely or considerably. I mostly see it used as an adverb and often paired with time expressions.

例 文  /  れいぶん  /  Reibun (Example Sentence):
彼はカラオケボックスで、 随分遅くまで歌いました。\
Kare wa karaoke bokkusu de zuibun osoku made utaimashita.
He sang at the Karaoke Box far into the night.

Literally--> Regarding him at the Karaoke Box, very late until sang. Literal translations like these are useful for you guys coming to grips with the order of verbs and objects etc. in Japanese sentences.

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